Building a Crypto Mining Rig

Borg Hive 02
Borg Hive 02: This 8 GPU mining rig evolved from an Alienware Aurora R12 into an 8 GPU monster installed on a simple wire shelf. Open Air Cooling works really well.

This author began building a custom visual works station in February 2021 which in turn lead to building several crypto mining rigs over the spring and summer of 2021.

The confluence of events which included the COVID-19 Pandemic, a global microchip shortage and supply chain catastrophe, a crypto currency bull market, and a NFT art boom started a journey where the natural outgrowth of the events 2020-21 and convergence of multiple interests lead to the building of a crypto currency mining rigs.


Current (as of 09-01-2021) total 760MH/S.

Current roster of GPU’s

  1. RTX 3090 – Founders Edition
  2. RTX 3080 – Dell Alienware Pull
  3. RTX 3070 – Zotac AMP Halo
  4. RTX 3070 – Asus TUF Gaming
  5. RTX 3060 – EVGA Gaming
  6. RTX 3060 – Asus TUF Gaming
  7. RTX 3060 – MSI Gaming
  8. RTX 3060 – MSI Gaming Trio
  9. RTX 3060-  Asus ROG Strix
  10. GTX 1660 Super – Gigabyte
  11. GTX 1660 Super – Asus TUF Gaming

Mobile GPU’s:

12. Asus Strix Laptop – RTX 3070/AMD 5900

13. Asus Zephyrs Laptop – RTX 3070/AMD 5900


Asus Maximus Hero XII Z490 –  Cerleon G5905 Desktop Processor 2 Cores 3.5 GHz LGA1200 – WD  Black NvME SSD, 16GB DDR4 RAM,  Windows Pro – supporting 8 GPUS.  (RTX 3090, RTTX 3080, (2x) RTX 3070, (2x) 3060, (2x) GTX 1660 Supper)

Asus Prime Z370 A-2 – Celeron G4930 2 Core 3.2 GHz LGA1151  – 16GB DDRR4 RAM, 240GB SATA SSD,  Windows Pro – supporting 2 GPU’s  (2 x RTX 3060)

Gigabyte Auros X570 Pro Wifi ITX – Supporting 1 GPU (RTX 3060)

Power Supplies.

HPE HTNS PL-18 750 watt  w/ S-Union  ZEC Mining GPU/PSU Breakout Board Kit.

HPE HTNS-PL11 1200 watt w/ Parallel Miner ZXS pico card

Dell 1000 watt Alienware pull.

EVGA Super Nova 750 watt

Coolermaster SFX 750 watt.

Misc Parts.

JMT PCI-E 1x to 16x Riser Card PCI-Express 1 to 4 Slot PCIe USB3.0 Adapter Port Multiplier Miner Card

Ubit 6 Pack PCI-E GPU Riser Express Cards & Cables 16X to 1X (6pin / MOLEX/SATA)

Honeybadger GPU Wire Rack Hangers. 

EVanlak HDMI Dummy Plugs

EZDIY-FAB 30cm PCIE 3.0 16x Extreme High Speed Riser Cable

GPU Kickstand/Base Magnetic Standoff 

Thermalright Thermal Pads (Various Sizes) Non Conductive Heat Resistance, Extreme Odyssey Silicone Thermal Pads for GPU’s


T-Rex Miner Best Open Source Miner for eth, RVN, and other coins.

NiceHash Quick Miner Install, run, & collect your cash, This is the simplest all-around mining solution, but not without some caveats (NOT You Keys,  NOT Your Wallet.)

DDU Graphics Card Display Driver Uninstaller Uf-fuck your Windows OS install.

MSI Afterburner.GPU Over/Under-clocking

HWINFO Comprehensive Hardware Analysis, Monitoring and Reporting for Windows and DOS.

Mining Power Supply parts
Mining parts : 16x PCIE Riser Cable, HP HTNS-PL11 1200 Watt PSU, Parallel Miner ZXS ATX/6Pin Pico Board.


BorgHive 03
Late Summer 2021: BorgHive 03 built and posted with dual RTX 3060 GPU’s.

Some notes on mining with RTX 3060 GPUS.

The Revision 1 RTX 3060’s are known as nerfed GPU’s, this differs from the LHR (Lite Hash Rate) revisions of the RTX line.  To circumvent the nerf imposed on running the daggerhashimoto algorithm and to realize the full 50 MH/S some work-arounds need to be met. Here are the rules on mining at full hash rates with 3060’s

  1. Nivida 470 Beta Drivers.
  2. The GPU must be in a 16x or 8x speed PCI-E lane on the host motherboard.  The rules for PCI-E lane splitting will differ according to boards and chipsets. See the Dizzy Miner roaster of known motherboards that will run one to multiple 3060’s at full hash rates.
  3. The 3060 GPU needs a legitimate video output. Hook them up to monitors or use HDMI dummy plugs

Some notes on Windows based mining.

  1. Install Windows and turn off automatic updates. Use the services control panel.
  2. Increase Windows virtual memory size 40,000 MB per GPU. See “About this PC > Performance tab”
  3. Disable automatic driver installation  – Use device manager.
  4. Disable Windows Defender – Virus Protection and Network Settings.

Some notes on GPU Riser Cards.

  1. Never power riser cards with SATA connections. See Red Fox Crypto’s excellent video on how to power riser cards.

LHR Cards.

In October 2021, a Zotac 3080 Amp Halo Black (LHR), ASUS Strix 3080ti, and Gigabyte 3080ti were aquired and added to the borghive03 rig. This complex mixture of LRH cards required the use of newly LHR (Light Hash Rate) unlocked miners. For the month of October 2021 multiple tests were run on the LHR cards using the following mining software:

T-Rex (v 0.24.2 through v 0.24.5)

NB Miner v39.5 to 39.7

GMiner v 2.70

lolMiner v 1.33

The LHR Nvidia cards do at first glance present a problem as stock hash rates are limited to 50%. but the new mining software allows a 70-90% unlock depending on the silicon. Several miners such as T-REX allow the end user to realize a full 100% hash rate by allowing the GPU to split it’s compute power 30/70 and mine two different coins at once.  Experiments were also run with T-REX dual mining ETH and RVN (Raven Coin) at the same time with promising results.


Update: Nov 4, 2021: This author began running hive OS on the borghive03 rig in order to deal with the LRH cards.

Hive OS is a lightweight USB bootable and SaS web OS. The O.S was built for crypto mining and allows complex configurations and multiple different to all run at once.

Miners really should consider this O.S. Use my referral link and See HIVE OS

Typical HIVE OS JSON Flight sheet:

{“name”:”flexpool-eth-3060-3080-3080ti”,”isFavorite”:false,”items”:[{“coin”:”ETH”,”pool”:”flexpool”,”pool_geo”:[“United States (East)”,”United States (West)”],”pool_ssl”:true,”pool_urls”:[“″,”″],”wal_id”:4328666,”dpool_ssl”:false,”miner”:”tt-miner”,”miner_config”:{“url”:”%URL%”,”algo”:”ETHASH”,”pass”:”x”,”template”:”%WAL%.%WORKER_NAME%”,”user_config”:”-RH\n-d 0 1 3″}},{“coin”:”ETH”,”pool”:”flexpool”,”pool_geo”:[“United States (East)”,”United States (West)”],”pool_ssl”:true,”pool_urls”:[“″,”″],”wal_id”:4328666,”dpool_ssl”:false,”miner”:”t-rex”,”miner_alt”:”ver. 0.24.5″,”miner_config”:{“tls”:”1″,”url”:”%URL%”,”ver”:”0.24.5″,”algo”:”ethash”,”worker”:”%WORKER_NAME%”,”template”:”%WAL%”,”user_config”:”\”devices\”: \”3\”\n\”lhr-tune\”: 6\n\”lhr-autotune-mode\”: \”full\””}},{“coin”:”ETH”,”pool”:”flexpool”,”pool_geo”:[“United States (East)”,”United States (West)”],”pool_ssl”:true,”pool_urls”:[“″,”″],”wal_id”:4328666,”dpool_ssl”:false,”miner”:”nbminer”,”miner_config”:{“url”:”%URL%”,”algo”:”ethash”,”pass”:”x”,”template”:”%WAL%.%WORKER_NAME%”,”user_config”:”\”devices\”: \”4\””}}]}