Getting started with Tezos NFT’s.

Getting started with Tezos NFT’s.

One will need a non-custodial Tezos wallet.
Temple is one that most people use.

Non-custodial means you own it, all by yourself. As they saying goes “your keys your wallet”, nobody has oversight, care, or maintenance on this. There is no customer service for it.

The wallet will create an address on the Tezos blockchain where ones assets will live.
The wallet is just a wrapper and way to read and transact with the blockchain.
The wallet really doesn’t contain anything except the keys to the blockchain address of your wallet.

Temple is a web based wallet and this will allow you to transact with NFT art platforms.
Essentially, it allows you to login “sync” to a website such as or henext

Tezos based NFT Art websites:

These sites are really just wrappers as well, they simply read and transact with the blockchain. They have additional features to their platform that allows on to collect, create, and manage a NFT art collection.

Temple Wallet

Temple wallet is a browser based wallet that installs as a browser extension.
From there one can create a Tezos wallet on the Tezos mainnet.

A blockchain wallet is a publicly known address that looks something like this


The entire world can read the blockchain transactions to any address. There is 100% transperancy to a blockchain and that in part is what makes a blockchain deecentralized and trusted.

Blockchains have web based readers and explorers to view contents and transactions.

When creating a  wallet save the pass phrase and password into a text document (note pad or text edit apps.)
One should also write the seed phrase on paper, as well as the password and store them in a safe or lockbox or someplace that is safe.

Another Tezos wallet that is useful is Kukia. One can import the temple wallet using a speed phrase to begin using Kukia.
Kukia is necessary sometimes when minting a NFT that has a large file size. There was a period of time when minting transactions would fail to allocate storage space on IPS (Interpanatarty File System) when using temple wallet. Kukia would be the wallet to use in those cases.

Kukia Wallet.

With a Tezos wallet created, one can begin to sync to Tezos websites, the sync button is usually in the upper right corner of each site.

Currency Exchanges

One will need a crypto currency exchange to buy and cash out Tezos and most other coins with.

New York state has weird and restrictive laws for crypto, Gemini is one of the few places you can buy Tezos with a credit, debit, and checking account/card.

Sign up for Gemini on your own or use my referral link, we’ll both get $10 after 30 days.

It takes a few days to verify a debit or checking accounts, so follow the directions and get it going as soon as possible.
Tesos/Blockhain profiles:

Once a temple wallet or kukia wallet is created (it can be empty) one can begin to set a blockchain profile that contains biographical information.

Proceed to:

Splash Screen to the Tezos Profiles portal







Once biographical information has been entered and verified profiles at and henext will be  automatically populated.

henext profile screen