Summary: Chris Borkowski is a media maker from Buffalo, NY who has lived and worked in New York City, San Diego, Los Angeles and Miami. He is currently an Implementation Specialist at Gallery Systems in NYC. He has worked professionally as a software developer, video editor, and University instructor in digital arts.
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Music is Art Festival 2023 Video Art Program

Music is Art Festival 2023 Video Art Program

The Music is Art Festival 2023 Video Art Program is a presentation of video art, experimental film, AI Art, NFT Art, Glitch Art, Digital Art, Generative Art, VHS & Analog art, 3d Animation, & Animation, featuring the work of Chris Borkowski, Don Keller, Chris Coleman, Kelly Richardson, Deborah Jack, [dNASAb], Lee Wells, ANTN, Amelia Winger-Bearskin, ex_mortal, Lucas Lejeune, Daniel Oropeza, V4W.ENKO, and various NFT's videos from Objkt.com.
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Mayday Project

The Mayday project is a series of 1 minute audio and video sketches that are compact, self-contained, yet interrelated works that share common themes and visual aesthetics. The goal was to create an entire piece each day for the month of May, 2019 within 24 hours using nothing but iPhone audio and video apps. I chose 1 minute…

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Artistic Exhibitions and Screenings

Occasionally I make and show digital art, audio, and video. Sometimes I perform it. 2023 Various works – multi channel video installation – Music is Art Festival, Buffalo, NY 2023 Refringement In The Silos – Live video and audio performance with Jeremy Slater & Rory McCormack – Music is Art Festival, Buffalo, NY 2022 Various works – multi…

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Manage Python Libraries with Anaconda

What’s better than Python? Anaconda as your Python package manager. If you’re running multiple AI platforms …and there’s a new open source and commercial app/plugin everyday you’re going to run into Python library conflicts galore. 1) Download and install python & anaconda using sys path options 2) Bang out a Python virtual environment with a specific Python version…

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Kapwing browser NLE interface.

Kapwing – Online NLE Ripper For Video Editors and Producers.

Kapwing is one of those online tools that’s indispensable for media artists and producers. Short description: It allows users to re-edit most online videos from youtube, facebook, instagram, TikTok, twitter/X by simply inputting the URL of the video. Copy protection defeated. Perhaps most useful, the edit can be quickly exported to MPEG4, MP3, Wave, AIFF. It’s useful for…

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Git Bash Here and RSYNC it on Windows

  RSYNC is one of the most powerful and versatile backup and file sync tools from the Unix/Linux world. It’s missing from Windows and there isn’t a ported installer. It can run in the GIT BASH terminal. The trick is how to install it. Install Git for Windows: 1. Download and install Git for Windows from the official…

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Getting started with Tezos NFT’s.

Getting started with Tezos NFT’s. Summary of this document and steps. 1) Obtain a Tezos wallet and create an address on the Tezos blockchain 2) Edit Tezos Blockchain personal profile to reflect biographical data. 3) Login in to Tezos based NFT Art website and sync blockchain profile to NFT art web site. optional: use currency exchange to purchase…

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Call for work : The 19th Annual Music is Art Festival is looking for video artwork. The event will be held September September 11, 2021 at Buffalo Riverworks in Buffalo, NY. There will be 21 stages featuring over 200 bands/musicians, over 120 DJs, live artists, displaying visual artists, performance artists & video art. https://www.musicisart.org

Mods Matter

Mods matter. In the chart below the gains realized from more RAM, a faster drive, and the appropriate graphic card drivers. These are upgrades one can’t make on the non-pro Mac platforms. The real magic underneath is the NVIDIA RTX 3000 series card. It’s a game-changer for content creators (and gamers) and the reason why you can’t buy…

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