My Home Studio

Since moving back to WNY after 13 years in New York City this author decided to build a home post production studio.  Living in NYC is expensive and space is limited, so my time there was really spent getting rid of gear and not collecting it. While living in NYC I had been focused on web development, IT Administration and freelance work that kept me busy. On the rare occasion that I focused on my career as an exhibiting artist I was fortunate enough to borrow the gear I needed from various people and organizations.


 A modest beginning 2016:

With a Mac Book Pro and Zotack barebones cpu I purchased a set of Mackie CR-5 BT monitors and an AKIA MPC controller.

The controller was bundled with Abelton Lite and thus the foundation of the studio and the main DAW for the near feature.

Here’s the very capable Zotac IDQ1 desktop studio

Fall 2018: First Expansion.

In the fall of 2018 I purchased an new Mac Book Pro 15″ along with Roland DJ-202 controller which was bundled with Serato DJ Pro. A Behringer Xenyx 1204 mixer was also added shortly after the addition of the new DJ controller. At this time I was still learning Ableton Lite. Abelton has a massive learning curve compared to other DAW platforms.


Winter 2018 : Abelton Studio 10 and Push 2.

I quickly outgrew the 8 track limits of Abelton Lite and expanded to Abelton Studio v10 bundled with the Push 2 Controller.  The ideal time to make that purchase in during the Black Friday holiday shopping season when massive price reductions are offered from various retailers. I was able to get this Abelton/Push2 bundle for $899 USD. The Studio version of Abelton is loaded with every instrument they make and more sound libraries one could ever need. It’s a beast, but worth every penny.


Spring 2019 Hardware Synths:

In rather quick succession I located used (because they are cheaper) versions of the Nord Lead 1 Rack, Moog Subsequent 37, Kurzwiel K-2600XS, Roland JD-XA, & Arturia Matrix Brute.

2 & 3 Tired Stands

With the additions of a few hardware synths it became necessary to start putting things on keyboard stands. At this point the studio is feeling “big” and expansive. A teenage version of me would have loved to spend hours in here.


Summer 2019 : Monitors & Monitors

At this point I switched to a dual Samsung Curved LCD monitor system and added Mackie 824 monitors with stands to elevate everything.

Seeing and Hearing better


Summer 2019 – Video Workstation

I repurposed the Zotek box to run Adobe Creative Cloud Video Collection, DaVinci Resolve, TouchDesigner to run as a secondly workstation .


Fall 2019 Arturia Micro Freak.

Spring 2020: Virus T12, Hologram Dream Sequence, & Collision Devices Black Hole Symmetry, & 1st Batch of Hologram Microcosm

Summer 2020 : Zoom L-12 & Tascam Model 12

The Behringer 1204 died and was replaced by a Zoom L-12 Mixer DAW interface. I quickly decided although the Zoom was feature rich I missed having a solo button.

I sold the Zoom off and purchased a Tascam Model 12, which has solo buttons and a bunch of features commonly found in analog mixers.

I also like the EQ, Pre Amps and the general aesthetics a tiny bit more than the zoom.

Crypto Mingling Rigs.

Winter 2020

I finally received the long awaited Game Changer MotoSynth.  I was an initial backer and funder of this crowd-funded hardware. I’ve had little  time to to use and explore the synth, but it is pretty cool.

Custom PC Workstation.

Winter 2022

Tascam Porta One 4-Track Mini Studio, Roland MC-707, Walworth Iridium. Erika Synths Mini Matrix Mixer.

Winter Q1 2023

New Desks.

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