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Summary: Chris Borkowski is a media maker from Buffalo, NY who has lived and worked in New York City, San Diego, Los Angeles and Miami. He is currently an Implementation Specialist at Gallery Systems in NYC. He has worked professionally as a software developer, video editor, and University instructor in digital arts.

Music is Art Festival 2023 Video Art Program

Music is Art Festival 2023 Video Art Program
The Music is Art Festival 2023 Video Art Program is a presentation of video art, experimental film, AI Art, NFT Art, Glitch Art, Digital Art, Generative Art, VHS & Analog art, 3d Animation, & Animation, featuring the work of Chris Borkowski, Don Keller, Chris Coleman, Kelly Richardson, Deborah Jack, [dNASAb], Lee Wells, ANTN, Amelia Winger-Bearskin, ex_mortal, Lucas Lejeune, Daniel Oropeza, V4W.ENKO, and various NFT's videos from

Learning TouchDesigner


This article is a work in progress, but serves as a log and journal as the author explores the TouchDesigner software and framework.  This author began learning TouchDesigner in the Fall of 2019. TouchDesigner is a node-based visual programming language…

Artistic Exhibitions and Screenings

Occasionally I make and show digital art, audio, and video. Sometimes I perform it. 2023 Various works – multi channel video installation – Music is Art Festival, Buffalo, NY 2023 Refringement In The Silos – Live video and audio performance…