Manage Python Libraries with Anaconda

Anaconda is the Packaging manager for Python
Anaconda is the Packaging manager for Python

What’s better than Python?
Anaconda as your Python package manager.

the conda command line
conda command line will manage python virtual environments

If you’re running multiple AI platforms …and there’s a new open source and commercial app/plugin everyday you’re going to run into Python library conflicts galore.

1) Download and install python & anaconda using sys path options
2) Bang out a Python virtual environment with a specific Python version in the mini conda terminal

$ conda create --name MY-ENV python=3.10.6
$ conda activate MY-ENV

3) Then from with your Python based open source application directory run :

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Whereas “MY-ENY” is an arbitrary name you want.
Requirements.txt is a standard file of libraries released in most python apps.

To disable all that mojo
$ conda deactivate MY-ENV
To uninstall all that junk
$ pip uninstall -r requirements.txt

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