Kapwing – Online NLE Ripper For Video Editors and Producers.

Kapwing is one of those online tools that’s indispensable for media artists and producers.
Short description: It allows users to re-edit most online videos from youtube, facebook, instagram, TikTok, twitter/X by simply inputting the URL of the video. Copy protection defeated.
Perhaps most useful, the edit can be quickly exported to MPEG4, MP3, Wave, AIFF.
It’s useful for plucking out video and audio for stem separation —and training AI models, ect.
In this screencap I’m exporting out the audio of a 2003 Frontline episode. The audio will be demuxed in UVR (mentioned in next post) and the narrator’s voice (Will Lyman) will sent to Bark and RVC for voice cloning.

Kapwing browser NLE interface.
Kapwing browser NLE interface.


The free version allows users to produce 4 minutes of content. Plans are available for various additional features that allow for longer projects and storage space.

Remove all watermarks
Upload files up to 6 GB
Store and edit unlimited projects
Increased transcription limits and SRT downloads
Export projects up to 2 hours long
Export content in 4K resolution
Increased Generative AI tool uses
… and much more!
Kapwing Pro Plans
Kapwing Pro Plans start at $16 per month paid annually ($192 per seat) or $24 per month – month-by-moth
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